East Point Group of Institutions aims at building a Better World and a Better Mankind by imparting quality education through the learned academic fraternity who are dedicated themselves to the motto of Education + Humanity.
The purpose of education should be holistic in bringing out the best of oneself to ensure the betterment of Mankind. History witnesses that over the period of time, purpose has been forgotten and the core essence of Mankind the Humanity has gone missing from education.
At East Point we vow to bring Humanity back into Education. We aim to accomplish our goal by practising collective learning, sustainability in community living and by encouraging people friendly environment in our campus.

We pledge to live by our philosophy in everything that we do. For building a Better Mankind and a Better World


East Point is a nurturing ground that empowers by imparting every individual a holistic education. East Point prepares everyone to make a best contribution in an ever challenging society with its deep rooted human values and principles.

Core Values

E – Empowering every individual
A – An Active and Dynamic generation
S – Social responsibility
T – Truthful to oneself and society
P – Principles in life
O– Oneness and respect to the fellow beings
I – Intellectual ability
N - Nurturing Humanity
T - Talented and Trustworthiness