Dr. SM Venkatpathy- a Beacon of Light

Contrary to the presumption that a leader is the one leading in the front and innumerable people following him, East point Leaders deliberately chose to be pushing the system forward silently. Late Dr. SM Venkatpathi the Hon’ble Founder Chairman of MG Charitable Trust had been a Beacon of Light who would gather enormous momentum in the process of transformation whenever needed. He founded the Group of Institutions, grew them and nurtured them eventually to see it to be a part of a bright and prospective society. He visualised the existence of East Point Group of Institutions as a power centre of knowledge creation and the custodian of Value system based on humanity. He ensured Infrastructure, Human resource, value system and ever needed mechanism ensuring the sanctful academic functioning which could ensure thousands of students graduating every year and framing their career.


"Hails from Kaivara, a small town in Kolar District Mrs. Ramadevi is the present Chair person of MG Charitable Trust. Adorable wife of Dr. SM Venkatpathi, she has been a steering power of the complete system. She is instrumental in the development of all the institutions of the group and has been assuming key role in implementation of progressive policies.


CEO, East Point Group of Institutions
Education: BE, MBA. Texas University, USA
Trustee, MG Charitable Trust
Former Academic Senate Member, VTU, Belgaum


East Point Group of Institutions
Education: BBA, MBA. Leicester University, UK
Trustee MG Charitable Trust