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Doctoral programs
at East Point (PhD)
A number of vital inventions and discoveries across time owe their bit to research. While education is about learning what is known, research is about finding. Knowledge obtained out of research is always original and makes way for new ideas.

East Point well understood and acknowledges the importance of research. In order to facilitate growth and innovation, we have set up R&D centers in the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics. These centers are recognized by the Visvesvaraya Technological University to carry out research leading to MSc Engineering by research and doctoral programs.
Our faculty has also benefited from our R&D centers. These centers allow our staff to update themselves and gain practical knowledge. We understand, practical knowledge is essential when it comes to effective teaching.

Our chief areas of research include departments of Computer Science, Network Engineering, Cloud Computing, Advanced Materials Engineering, Product Design, Thermal Engineering, Design Engineering & FEA, Concurrent Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Chemistry, Marble Waste Recirculation, Microwave Imaging, Surface Acoustic Wave Devices and Optical Communication, Power Electronics and Video Compression and many more.

Having been keenly active, the East Point R&D department has been given a grant of up to 60 lakh from various sponsoring agencies like AICTE, DST, VTU etc..