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At East Point, we facilitate people to do what they like doing by bringing together those of similar interests and encouraging them to interact.

This is achieved through our concept of 'communities'.
East Point Communities is a collection of forums created by people associated with East Point. Each community deals with a specific interest or subject. For instance, the music community comprises members passionate about music.

Everyone associated with East Point, including the staff, is a part of one or more of these communities. In a community, its members can learn, teach, discuss, organize events and do what not to nurture their passion and hone their skills.

This system is not restrictive as the interests and the scope of a community are not prescribed by the management but formed by its prospective members. People are encouraged to form their own communities and invite people to be a part of them.

With East Point Communities, students don't have to give
up their interests owing to the constraints of education. Communities also encourage staff and the students to interact more at a personal level which is essential for effective learning.