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Our campus
In order to best suit our philosophy, we set up East Point ‘Jnana Prabha’ campus away from the bustle of the city. Spread over 90 acres of fertile land, the East Point ‘Jnana Prabha’ campus is set in a tranquil space surrounded by greenery. The calm and quiet atmosphere at East Point liberates the mind from the pressures of the world. The clean and fresh air invigorates the body and encourages to do more.

In this competitive and stressful world, it is essential for students to strike a healthy balance between work and play. With the cities being cramped up with massive apartments and business centres, playgrounds are a rare sight. The huge playground at East Point is a relief for those who love to run, stretch and play.

Clean air, magnificent playground, plenty of open spaces and lush greenery make East Point the ideal place to learn and still be in touch with nature.