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About CLAP Mentoring Board Management Resourses

About CLAP

Centre for Learning and Advanced Practice (CLAP) is the one of the leading employability quotient development company which is having a legacy of over 2 Lac Training hours across various industry verticals and academic institutions. This is a consortium of reputed academicians, international trainers, corporate professionals and successful business professionals. CLAP was quite successful in introducing scientific methods in identifying the career potential in students and orient them to the right career path. This unique methodology supported with an in-house patented (registered) tool Career Potential Assessment Test has been benefited more than 50000 students and professionals. LAP unique ideology is to train the ecosystem rather than training just the individual as the ecosystem provides the space for the individual to implement the learning. So we follow a 360 degree learning & development mechanism to develop a professional out of an individual.


CLAP Campus is a unique MBA education model designed by the L&D experts at CLAP which redefines the Management Education. The expertise of CLAP in improving employability quotient is integrated with management education which can craft a management professional with business acumen, Managerial Skills, Values and Ethics. Along with CLAP, we redefine the curriculum by creating it as a practice and experience rather than mere classroom learning. CLAP’s renowned academicians & Trainers have done years of integrated research to bring in the best of both Academics – Corporate world.

Here students practice what they learn!!

East Point Group of Institutions has been providing world class education for over two decades where we used to be the integral part of professional growth of more than 6000 students every year. As n endeavour to provide best of both the world – corporate and academic, we joined hands with CLAP to provide a highly employability oriented values additions in the MBA programme. This unique Global MBA Programme makes the students employable and climb the career ladder at a faster pace, still keeping the value, ethics and integrity which they imbibe at the campus.'

The programme is blended in such a way that the Training and other value additions will not disturb the syllabus and academic requirements provided by Bangalore University and integrates the corporate life in academics.

And more over, this MBA is not for those score 100 percent in competitive exams or academic exams, this Global MBA programme is designed to support those who were made to believe by the system that they are ‘average’, still keeping very big dream and a go – getter attitude!! We are here to CLAP for their dreams and handhold them till they achieve and sustain!!

This is the place where students learn to execute!! This where the aspiration meets excellence!!